Unit SOLs
WHI.9a Study Map, 9a 9a Middle Ages
  • The Roman Catholic Church grew in importance after Roman authority declined. It became the unifying force in western Europe
  • During the Middle Ages, the Pope anointed Emperors, missionaries carried Christianity to the Germanic tribes, and the Church served the social, political, and religious needs of the people
WHI.9b Study Map, 9b 9b Feudalism
  • The decline of Roman influence in Western Europe left people with little protection against invasion, so they entered into feudal agreements with landholding lords who promised them protection
WHI.9c Study Map, 9c 9c Charlemagne
  • Frankish kings used military power to expand their territory
  • The alliance between Frankish kings and the church re-established Roman culture (Christianity) in Western Europe
WHI.9d Study Map, 9d
• Invasions by Angles, Saxons, Magyars, and Vikings disrupted the social, economic, and political order of Europe


(source: jfortunato.weebly.com)

Unit Vocabulary
Secular: worldly, non-religious

Monasteries: living areas for monks/nuns
Glastobury-0067-s.jpg(Glastonbury Abbey Source: britainexpress.com)

Link for Glastonbury Abbey: Abbey Link
Is there a place more steeped in legend and myth than Glastonbury? Probably not. Legend holds that the earliest church here was founded by St. Joseph of Arimathea in about 60AD, and that when he planted his staff in the earth a thorn tree burst forth.
Missionaries: person sent on a religious mission Charlemagne: king of the Franks 768-814; Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne-image-by-Durer.jpg(source: historyguy.com)Charlemagne_Empire_Map.jpg

Germanic tribes: originated in Northern Europe
tribe373-500b.gif(source: rootsweb.ancestry.com)

Feudalism: Medieval European social system where nobility give land in exchange for military service Discussion Link: Feudal
feudalism.jpg(Source: historyonthenet.com)Discussion of Feudalism Link: Feudalism

Fief: land Link to Discussion of Fief: Fief
high_middle_ages.jpg (Source: casahistoria.net)

Vassals: holder of land

Hommage_au_Moyen_Age_-_miniature.jpg Swearing Fealty (Source: arts.cornell.edu) Serfs: work the land
95639-004-12C47433.jpg Serfs Working the Land (Source: kids.britannica.com)

Manor: land and people working on the land

Self-sufficient: producing the goods needed for survival

Franks: Germanic speaking people that conquered Gaul in the 6th century Discussion Link for Franks: Franks

Angles: Germanic speaking people that migrated to England in the 5th century Discussion Link for Angles: Angles

332px-Angles_saxons_jutes.pngLocation for Angles, Saxons, And Jutes On Jutland Peninsula Before Migration to Britain (Source: wikipedia.com) Saxons: Germanic speaking people settled in England in 5th-6th centuries Discussion Link for Saxons: Saxons

800px-Central_Europe_5th_Century.jpgLocation of Saxons in 5th Century (Source: wikipedia.com) Magyars: Originated in Urals, migrated to present day Hungary in the 9th century Discussion Link for Magyars: Magyars

740px-Hungarian_migration.png (Source: wikipedia.com) Vikings: Scandinavian seafaring pirates/traders Discussion Link for Vikings: Vikings

Moragsoorm.jpgReplica of Viking Ship (Source: wikipedia.com)

Charlemagne Activity: CharlemagnePrimogeniture Activity: Inherit It!Excellent Links About Feudal Life: Feudal Links
Powerpoints from the Mr. Donn Website:
Introduction to the Middle Ages:


Excellent Powerpoint introduction of the Anglo-Saxons:
Powerpoint download, "Who Were the Vikings?"
Charts of Middle Ages Topics: Source for all: flowofhistory.com1. Growth of Feudal SystemFeudalism_grows_chart.jpg2. Angles and SaxonsAnglo_sax_eng_chart.jpg3. Viking InvasionsViking_impact_chart.jpg