Unit SOLs:

  • During the Medieval Period, several major trading routes developed in the Eastern Hemisphere. These trading routes developed among Europe, Africa, and Asia

Study Map for 10a & 10 b 10ab Link

  • Regional trade networks and long distance trade routes in the Eastern Hemisphere aided the diffusion and exchange of technology and culture between Europe, Africa, and Asia Study Map for 10b


  • Japanese cultural development was influenced by proximity to China
  • Shinto and Buddhism coexisted as religious traditions in the Japanese culture

Study Map for 10 C 10C Link


  • African civilizations developed in sub-Saharan west and east Africa
  • Trade brought important economic, cultural, and religious influences to African civilizations from other parts of the Eastern Hemisphere
  • States and empires flourished in Africa during the medieval period, including Ghana, Mali, and Songhai in west Africa, Axum in east Africa, and Zimbabwe in southern Africa

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Unit Vocabulary
Maritime: relating to the sea

Trans-Saharan: trade route from Mediterranean Sea across Sahara to sub-Saharan Africa Trade Link
800px-Niger_saharan_medieval_trade_routes.PNGTrans-Saharan trade ca 1400.

Textiles: fabric

Waterwheel: large wheel driven by water Development of waterwheels

Lateen sail: triangular sail Lateen
(Favored sail of the Age of Discovery)
779px-Sd11-boom.JPG Caravel_Boa_Esperanca_Portugal.jpgLateen rigged dhow Caravel with lateen sails
Porcelain: ceramic material used to make pottery porcelain
Ming_Dynasty_porcelain_vase,_Wanli_Reign_Period_(2).JPG Ming Dynasty Vase

Amber: fossilized tree resin Amber

Navigation: moving a vehicle from one place to another

398px-Table_of_Geography_and_Hydrography,_Cyclopaedia,_Volume_1.jpg Table of Navigation Instruments, 1798

Compass: navigational instrument used to determine direction Compass History
800px-Model_Si_Nan_of_Han_Dynasty.jpgModel of Han Dynasty sinan compass ca 206 BCE (wikipedia.com)

Kardanischer-Kompass.jpg Early Compass From Age of Exploration: 1570

Archipelago: group of islands


Shinto: Japanese religion worshipping ancestors and nature spirits Shinto

Axum: capital of Axumite kingdom

Link to history of Axum with slide show of ruins: Axum History/PhotographsMap_of_Aksum_and_South_Arabia_ca._230_AD.jpg IMG_3639.JPG(google.com)

Zimbabwe: located near the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers Zimbabwe
425px-Tower,_Great_Zimbabwe1.jpgTower/Great Zimbabwe

Ghana: Trans-Saharan trade area Ghana

Mali: Trans-Saharan trade area Mali


Songhai: Trans-Saharan trade area Songhai


Timbuktu: center for trade and learning, located on trans-Saharan trade route Timbuktu

Animism: attribution of a soul to plants and inanimate objects African Religion

Trade Routes:During the medieval period, several major trading routes developed in the Eastern Hemisphere. These trading routes developed among Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Roads or waterways were traveled to exchange products and ideas. Many routes began during the Medieval Period.

1. silk roads across Asia to Mediterranean Sea (silk, tea, spices, porcelain)

Online discussion of the Silk Roads routes: The Silk Roads
2. trans-Saharan (across the Sahara) in North Africa (gold, salt, slaves)

3. maritime (sea) routes across Indian Ocean (textiles)

4. South China Sea routes connect China w/Southeast Asia (spices)

5. Western Europe: river routes (Rhine) and trade on the Mediterranean Sea

6. Northern Europe: links to the Black Sea (Danube River)

African Kingdoms and TradeThis link will take you to the online interactive map shown below. Linkafrican_kingdoms_trade.jpg
European Trade Routes:This link will take you to the next interactive map. This map is best used from the link. It scrolls from Europe to Africa to Asia and has "hot spots" that give information when the cursor is rolled over them. Map Linkeur_afric_asia_trade_routes.jpgThe Silk RoadClick on the link for interactive activities about The Silk Road. An example is shown below. Silk Road Activities

Animated Map: This link takes you to an animated map. It shows the growth of trade routes across Europe, Africa, and Asia from 3500 BCE to 1500 CE. Trade routes link


(source: socialstudies.com)

Japan Powerpoint: Click to download a short powerpoint about early Japan and the Chinese influence on Japanese culture.
shogun_japan.jpg (socialstudies.com)

Japanese Shinto and Buddhist Temples: This link leads to a site with discussion, photographs, and a video. Shinto/Buddhist

Medieval Africa: This powerpoint download gives an overview of the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali.

Mali and Songhai: Click on the link to read about the rise and fall of Mali and Songhai. Collapse

Excellent Mali Resource from Prince William County: Mali on PWNET

Axum's Civilization: Watch the video about Axum, which is found today in the country of Ethiopia.

Time Line of Axum:
(source: sarissa.org)

Video: Kingdom of Zimbabwe