Unit SOLs:
The Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations emerged in South America, Central America, and Mexico Study map link: 11a Study Maps

Unit Vocabulary:
Chichen Itza: located in Mexico, center of Mayan empire Discussion Link

Tenochtitlan: capital of the Aztec empire Discussion Link

Andes: mountain range in South America Geography of Andes Link
1266439189_andes.jpg 800px-Andes1a.JPG

Machu Piccu: located in the Andes, city of the Incas Discussion Link With Virtual Tours: Machu Piccu
The discussion link above contains links to virtual tours of the sights and ruins of Machu Piccu.
City-states:independent city and surrounding land

Polytheistic religion: belief in many gods

Mayas:The Mayas Online: The link takes you to an informative Thinkquest about the Mayas. Maya Link
What Happened to the Mayas? Mayan Mystery Link
Aztecs:The Ancient Aztecs Thinkquest: Aztecs LinkMore About the Aztecs: Aztec BackgroundThe Aztec Empire:Aztec_Empire.jpgLink to Discussion: Aztec Empire

Incas:The Inca Empire (Source:
Inca_Empire.jpgLink to Ancient Americas Website: Odyssey to Ancient Americas